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What a year it has been with my move to Henley-on-Thames from Southampton to be closer to the kids and with this weird pandemic

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More fun this year from our headquarter in Southampton, especially spending a lot of good time on Hayling Island at the Sailing Club

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What an amazing and challenging year! New job requiring a lot of travelling but I decided to stay in Southampton as I just need an airport and a great place to see Alana and Oscar

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Still in Southampton enjoying every single minutes with Oscar and Alana. They are doing great at school and the music is starting to take its rightful place in their life and I love it...

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A lot of changes in our life. I live now down in Southampton (again) and Jess doing an amazing job with our beautiful children in Henley-on-Thames...

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New job for me down south with a big commute, Jess finishing her PhD at Reading and Alana and Oscar enjoying their school. Great year ahead of in this beautiful countryside, more sailing on the River Thames and more time at the Sailing Club...

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We are still having a lot of fun and a great lifestyle in the countryside of the Chilterns. Jess is courageously still studying for her PhD, Oscar is in year one at Badgemore Preschool and Alana at Preschool for a start in September 2014 at the big school. What a year this is going to be? a busy one for sure...

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Still living in the fabulous village of Henley-on-Thames. Oscar is doing his first year in Primary School and Alana is starting Pre-School at Badgemore while Jess is finishing the first year of her PhD at Reading University. The 2013 version of the site is still under heavy development but this future version is going to be more friendly on other platforms.

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What a year it has been in this lovely part of England (Henley-on-Thames). Oscar has started school at Badgemore Primary, Alana is growing by the hours and is developing even more into a Princess and we have been travelling to some very cool places in England and me around the world. This is also this year that I have been able to develop my "movie" skills by learning more about cinestyle and other stuffs for making my films a bit more "movie-like"

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A year of fun and pleasure with Oscar and Alana in Henley-on-Thames. A great year of travelling to see the Americas Cup, to Spain in Begur, to Ludlow where we spent a few week-ends and to the US with New Orleans and Kansas City

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Good Morning Princess Alana!!! Our princess Alana is born on February the 20th in Reading, not far from Henley-on-Thames where we are living. This year has been mainly focussed around this fantastic new arrival and around the fun of having her in our life.

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We are still in Henley-on-Thames by the river Thames. What a great place to live and for Oscar to grow. We are in the middle of the countryside, West from London. What a great year with Oscar, travelling around in England and also to Palm Springs, Spain, California, Brussels, but we also had a great party in Hambleden for my 40 years old Birthday...

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We have moved to Henley-on-Thames in a beautiful region by the River Thames. I changed job and we had to move closer. We've done a lot of excellent trips to the US with a campervan from Denver to Tucson in Arizona and then a week in California. We also spent a great week-end with Oscar (who is now 1 year old) in Venice in Italy. We also had the opportunity for a great trip to the West coast of Scotland in a 1969 VW camper

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Hello my little Oscar, welcome to our mad world. A great year with Jess' pregnancy and a lot of work done in our house in Southampton. A weird year as we lost our job in Southampton but such a great year for our family with trips around in the UK, in Dartmore with friends, in the Lake district and to Spain.

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The year of our big trip to Patagonis and of our Wedding. Amazing year for Jess and me as we got married. What a memorable day. I had also the opportunity to travel quite a bit in the US in New Orleans but also in Spain to see the preparation of the America's cup... Brilliant

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The year of a big trip to New Zealand, to Seattle, to Montreal to many other places. We are still leaving in Southampton and our new house is starting to be very cool as we finished almost the downstairs...

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The year we bought our first house in Southampton. A lot of work to get it sorted but also a great year as I was able to travel to some very nice place with the highlights of a Congress in Wyoming. What a great place...

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We are still discovering how great this country is... The year where we managed to explore so much of the South but also from Wales. Great places and good walking in Brecon Beacons and on the South coast.

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The year of getting used to our new environment in Southampton.

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